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Stratcore for effective, quality-assured sustainability communications

Stratcore can help you to communicate your work on sustainability

As a comprehensive supplier of language solutions for strategic communication, Stratcore also provides translations of sustainability reports. This is part of our offering in the area of quality-assured business communication and complements our specialised translation services, which include financial reports. Today, ever-greater demands are being placed on companies regarding sustainable management and reporting. The transition to a sustainable economy means that a company’s sustainability report carries at least as much weight as its annual report. Stratcore can help you to communicate your work on sustainability clearly and effectively in the languages that you require.

The ever-greater importance of clear, informative sustainability reporting

The NFRD (Non-Financial Reporting Directive) is being replaced by the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), and sustainability information is being elevated even more clearly to the same level as financial information. Your work on sustainability therefore needs to be clarified just as effectively, and with just as much quality assurance, as your financial information.

By demonstrating how your business considers the environment, social sustainability, and corporate governance, you will strengthen your relationship with your stakeholders. This will become an important business strategy tool that will allow your business to grow. Sustainability reporting is also a significant contributing factor to more sustainable development.

Public reporting of the company’s economic, environmental, and social impact can make a notable difference, both to you and to society as a whole. The sustainability report needs to be rigorous, clear and transparent, and it needs to illustrate the company’s governance structures and processes. To achieve all the commercial benefits, it needs to be available in several languages. Stratcore offers fast, effective, and quality-assured translations of sustainability reports to a wide range of businesses and companies. We pride ourselves on ensuring nothing is lost in translation.

Why choose Stratcore?

  • Quality – we always deliver a final product that meets today’s high demands on quality. All of our translators have extensive experience in their areas of expertise and translate reports and texts into their native language.
  • Accessibility – we are here when you need us, including outside office hours, and we offer flexible language services tailored to your requirements.
  • Speed – we have the capacity to deliver even to tight timescales thanks to our efficient working methods and skilled project managers, who are very used to managing both large and small projects.
  • Confidentiality – we have well-established processes and technology to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and delivery security.
  • All formats – we handle all formats and can also offer IT translations in accordance with the requirements of the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF), as well as markup in XHTML format.
  • Consistency – we use translation memories, glossaries and termbases to help ensure consistency in terminology. There is also a quality assurance process that, at the same time, streamlines the translation process.

In order to achieve the best possible final product, it is a good idea to plan major text-intensive projects well in advance and with good time margins. Having said that, we know that sometimes things need to move quickly. We have a specialised and dedicated team ready to help. Talk to one of our skilled project managers today to find out more.

Sustainability reports in multiple languages

Translating sustainability reports is a specialised translation service where the translators have the particular knowledge required to translate correctly and appropriately. This ensures credible, informative sustainability reporting in the languages and markets of your target audience.

When you engage Stratcore’s services, our project managers will ensure that you have access to an established and specialised team that can deliver high-quality translations quickly and efficiently. Among other things, sustainability-report translators need a good knowledge of the guidelines and regulations governing sustainability reporting and of how this affects the terminology used within the language pair in which they work. Our Reports Team is used to dealing with translations in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and its associated regulations.

Why the Global Reporting Initiative?

The GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is an international, independent standards organisation whose task is to support businesses with their sustainability reporting. The GRI’s standards for sustainability reporting are the most widely adopted framework today. The standardisation of sustainability reporting creates a common language, making it easier for stakeholders to interpret and compare the impact of different companies on the environment and other sustainability issues.

The GRI has collaborated with the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) in preparing the common European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), which deals with EU compliance and disclosure requirements, and for these reasons the GRI will remain highly relevant:

  • The GRI provides the most complete globally applicable reporting standards for sustainability impacts, in accordance with – but not limited to – the EU’s CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).
  • The CSRD means that around 50,000 companies will be covered by the ESRS and, in the final stage of its application, more and more non-European countries will also be included.
  • The EFRAG has undertaken to adapt the ESRS so that it is as close as possible to the GRI, and this will make the GRI a future-proofed framework.

All companies around the world that are already reporting in accordance with the GRI can feel secure in the knowledge that they are well placed and ready for the ESRS. And, whether your company has a requirement to report in accordance with the GRI or not, it is a good idea to follow the guidelines as you will then know that your sustainability report is credible, clear and transparent, and that it covers all areas. You can find out more about the GRI and how it supports sustainability reporting here.[A1]

Our translators are well versed in the terminology and structure of the framework and know how best to apply these in their translations. Naturally enough, the specialised team of translators, proofreaders and project managers also keep themselves up to date with developments in the EU’s green taxonomy and other related international guidelines and classification systems, such as Agenda 2030, the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD). Stratcore will ensure that you get a correctly translated sustainability report where the right terminology also goes hand-in-hand with readability, clarity, and target audience adaptation.

Effective sustainability reporting requires more than just the right terminology

Just how sustainable a company’s business is – economically, environmentally and socially – is something that concerns every one of us. Society needs to transition to a greener economy, and nowadays there are regulations that aim to persuade more people to invest in sustainable solutions. It is therefore more important than ever to convey the work you are doing on sustainability in a clear and effective way. However, genuinely good sustainability reporting requires more than just the right terminology.

Your company has presumably put in a great deal of work to produce a comprehensive sustainability report that, at the same time, people will want to read – investors, partners, customers and consumers. And, of course, the sustainability report needs to retain all these qualities on the other side of the translation. Stratcore can help you with quality-assured business communication that is:

  • Well written and precise, but not boring!
  • Clear, informative, transparent, and credible.
  • Comprehensive and in accordance with current guidelines and requirements.
  • In keeping with the company’s style, tone and branding.
  • Tailored to the target market, both linguistically and culturally.

Irrespective of which language you need the sustainability report translated into, we will ensure that it is at least as informative and well written as the original. You are most welcome to get in touch with us today to find out about our expertise in sustainability reports.

Tips for a good final product

Producing a good sustainability report requires time, knowledge and a good deal of preparatory work. It will also become ever more important as society makes the transition to sustainability and as capital flows are redirected into financing it. A sustainability report’s translation needs to maintain the same high quality as its original. Regarding that here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Make a start early – feel free to contact us as early as possible in the process. A sustainability report is a comprehensive, text-intensive document that will take time to translate. The more time the translator is given, the easier it is to create a genuinely high-quality final product.
  • Planning – there are many people involved in a sustainability report. Ensure that you have a plan for the work, and by all means include us early in the process. Our skilled project managers can help with efficient workflows, version control, terminology queries and more./li>
  • By all means prepare glossaries/style guides covering your company’s specific terminology, branding and tone. It is important that the sustainability report also conveys your message and your values as a company.
  • Reference material – even though our translators are specialists and proficient in translating this type of text, it can be useful for them to familiarise themselves with the specific business of your company.
  • Finalised source text – a finalised basis is required for the translation itself. Sometimes changes and adjustments at the eleventh hour are unavoidable but keeping these to a minimum will save both time and money.
  • Format and layout – our project managers will be happy to help you to establish the best file format to make the translation process as smooth as possible. Our technical department can also help you with DTP (desktop publishing), and Stratcore also offers IT translations in accordance with the requirements of ESEF (European Single Electronic Format) and markup in XHTML format.

We would like to be part of your company’s important sustainability work. Together, we will create strategic communication that will make your company and its role in the community and society grow and help build a greener future.

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