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Stratcore Network
Stratcore’s translators are academically educated professionals who are dedicated to their careers. They translate from one or more languages into their mother tongue. They are specialists in certain fields and keep themselves updated within these areas. Basic computer skills are a must, with special emphasis on word-processing programs and the retrieval of information from the Web. They also keep up-to-date with current affairs and try to stay abreast of IT developments. They approach their work with an attitude of perfection and pride and only undertake assignments they are fully qualified for. And of course they always meet deadlines.

Translators’ accessibility and email vigilance
An active Internet account that can be used for e-mail functions, browsing, uploading and downloading files is a requirement we take for granted. Due to our focus on speed, accuracy and quality, we require that members of the Stratcore Network keep a regular daily check over their e-mail accounts. The more use we make of your services, the more vigilance you’ll need to maintain over your e-mail account.

Stratcore payment policy
Stratcore will inform the translator of the amount of remuneration for each assignment. Payment is made to the translator’s specified bank account within 30 days of the assignment’s completion. As a Stratcore translator you are self-employed and you have a registered company. The company’s VAT number must be visible on any invoices sent to us.

As a chosen member of the Stratcore Network, we are always inclined to defend the competence of our translators. If, however, questions arise as to the quality of the work and our proofreaders agree that a translation is unsatisfactory, the translator will not receive full remuneration. In such a case, the remuneration would be proportional to the percentage of any extra costs incurred.

Free test
We will not ask you to do a free test; however, when asked to do your first assignment, a stringent evaluation will be made. Therefore, your first job will be debited a small fee to cover our extra costs in grading your work (sworn translators are an exception here).

Application as freelancer
If you accept the general terms as set forth above, please send an e-mail to us, we kindly ask you to send your CV in a zipped document here. Any university certificates must be scanned and included. The personal information you provide will not be released to any third party.


Contact us here if you have any problems.

Thank you for the times you have helped up with translations into English. As you are aware we have been very pleased with our collaboration. I will gladly act as a reference for your potential clients.

Translations of annual and sustainability reports

One Of Swedens Largest Family Owned Holding Companies

I hope you are well and thank you again for the excellent work you have done with the translations so far!

Would you be able to help us with another translation?

April 2023

Legal Translations

Major Swedish Energy Company

Just thought you would like to hear the feedback from my Finnish and German colleagues… They are all very happy with the translations Stratcore has done, very correct and well translated 😊.

March 2023

Marketing and technical translations and creating journalistic-style web content

Swedish Food Tech Company

Just wanted to thank you for a remarkable interpreter you organised for us. She impressed us with her professionalism, being so calm in front of totally new audience and business area. Everything went well and we are looking forward to use Stratcore and Tuija's services again in the near future.

Communication Manager

Leading Global Brand Consumer Products

We often need texts translated quickly. This is when we simply could not do without Stratcore – they are always so reliable. They return our translations with total professionalism and always with the same happy smile. We really appreciate Stratcore and would like to thank them for a wonderful partnership.

Major global airline

Head Of Internal Online Communications

Stratcore adheres to the european standard for translation service requirements SS-EN15038