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Computer-Aided Translations (CAT)

Quality and consistency

When you order a translation, you want to make sure that it is accurate with consistent terminology. This is where Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) technology is so useful. Every time we do a translation for you, we build up an archive of these translations called a Translation Memory. The translator works directly with this translation memory and uses it to check specific terms your company uses. It also means that important concepts in your business, such as your mission and vision, will always be translated in the same way.

It is important to point out that we are not talking about ‘machine translations’, like Google Translate, for example, that provide literal translations. CAT is a tool that professional translators use to increase the quality and consistency of their texts, and in many cases reduce the amount of time and therefore the costs of a project.

Just wanted to thank you for a remarkable interpreter you organised for us. She impressed us with her professionalism, being so calm in front of totally new audience and business area. Everything went well and we are looking forward to use Stratcore and Tuija's services again in the near future.

Communication Manager

Leading Global Brand Consumer Products

We often need texts translated quickly. This is when we simply could not do without Stratcore – they are always so reliable. They return our translations with total professionalism and always with the same happy smile. We really appreciate Stratcore and would like to thank them for a wonderful partnership.

Major global airline

Head Of Internal Online Communications