Areas of Expertise



Advertising is all about communicating your market message, clearly, creatively and effectively. It is often effective with humour, word play and local references that speak to your target audience. What’s more, you have to appeal to different cultures in different ways, which all adds up to plenty of potential linguistic and cultural minefields. In many cases, what you may think of as a straightforward translation might entail total revision verging on localised copywriting. We suggest you begin by showing us what you have, what you want to say and where you want to say it. We will be happy to discuss the best way forward for international success.

We have worked with market leaders in the PR industry for many years. They contract us for national, European and global assignments for their market communication, trend analyses, public affairs and crisis communication work.

Swift turnaround is often part of the advertising and PR business. Here we excel with our flexibility and accessibility. We are often asked to translate, proofread or edit texts within hours of arrival.

Stratcore’s language professionals have experience translating and writing for a variety of corporate communications needs – from newsletters, magazines (client, internal and corporate), memos, Intranet sites and press releases to presentations, analyses and reports.

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